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Door Finish and Care Guide


A new door, whether internal or external, can transform the look of your property. However, it is important to remember that timber is a natural product, therefore exposure to variations in humidity and temperature must be avoided. Careful handling & finishing prior to correct installation will help prevent issues such as warping, swelling and distortion. The following guidelines are provided in addition to those issued by the manufacturer concerning each individual door, as well as those issued by the manufacturer of your chosen finishing product. 



Doors must be inspected upon delivery for potential damage and/or defects. Any issues found should be reported within a maximum of 30 days from receipt, and the delivery note must be signed for as ‘Damaged’. In such circumstances, the doors should not be worked upon or installed until any issue has been addressed and resolved. Doors should be stored in a clean, dry and well ventilated location, laid flat with the weight distributed across 3 level bearers holding the door(s) clear of the floor. Exposure to direct sunlight, extremes of temperature and humidity must be avoided. Doors should not be kept in a new building or where there have been recent ‘wet trades’ such as recent painting or plastering. Claims for faults caused as a result of incorrect storage and/or exposure to moisture (whilst not correctly finished in accordance with finishing guidelines) will be rejected. 



It is recommended that doors be handled with care using clean gloves. Care must be taken to avoid dragging doors across each other and/or any other surface.

It is essential that doors are fully finished prior to installation, particularly if the door is to be used for a bathroom. This must be accordance with the guidelines issued by the manufacturer, which can usually be found within the packaging of the door itself. The doors must be clean, dry and dust free before starting to apply any finishing products. Some doors may also require a light sanding with a fine sandpaper to remove any loose fibres or to provide a smoother surface. Careful attention must be paid to all 4 edges, as well as to any cut outs that have been created e.g. for hinges, locks, handles etc. It is recommended that a minimum of 3 liberal coats of suitable* product be applied to each and every surface of the door, and it is usually advisable to apply more coats than this unless the manufacturer of the product advise against it for any reason.

* Our doors are of engineered construction, with veneered faces front and back. Your selected finishing product(s) must be specifically suitable for use on such doors and provide a full seal against moisture. External doors will also require UV Protection. Failure to use the correct product will invalidate any warranty claim. 



If a door is to be reduced in size, this should be trimmed equally from both sides or from top & bottom edges. Unless otherwise stated, this should be by no more than:

  • 3mm per edge (6mm in total from width and/or height) for doors with a 6mm lipping

  • 5mm per edge (10mm in total from width and/or height) for doors with a 10mm lipping

Further trimming may be possible on fire rated or solid core doors, but is not recommended and may void any guarantee. 

Wooden external doors are not recommended for exposed locations, and must be protected by a canopy or awning if not located within a porch. If this precaution is not observed, the guarantee will be surrendered. 



In addition to the conditions above, please be advised that the following will not be considered defects: 

  • Natural variations in the colour or texture of wood

  • Shrinkage, swelling or splitting as a result of moisture absorption and/or subjection to changes in temperature/humidity

  • Any distortion caused as a result of insufficient cover from external elements

  • Delamination as a result of insufficient protection/sealant to any surface including top & bottom edges

  • The finished appearance of doors originally supplied unfinished is not warranted

  • Warping/twisting will only be considered a defect if it exceeds ¼” when measured as a deviation from a straight edge in its installed position


Doorweb reserve the right to request a site inspection to assess a claim made under warranty. If a guaranteed door is subsequently found a defect, and all of the above conditions have been met, Doorweb will endeavour to supply a replacement, or to refund the original amount paid. Any replacement door will be supplied in the same condition as that originally supplied. Doorweb are not responsible for any additional costs incurred, such as labour to remove/rehang the door, transportation charges, or the costs of additional finishing products.